About BookingTek

BookingTek delivers direct booking solutions to help the world’s largest hotels increase efficiency, drive direct revenue and optimize guest spend.

Based in London and California, BookingTek developed Meetings Maker, the first enterprise grade, real-time meeting room booking and payment software. It allows hotels to easily make their meetings viewable, bookable and payable on their own website and enables group organisers to make simultaneous block bedroom.  Meetings Maker is the only booking system that fully integrates with Oracle MICROS Opera which allows the software to be rolled out quickly and more securely.  


TableRes followed, and enables hotels to take direct restaurant reservations on their own websites, with zero cover charges. The system was built to enable hotels to reduce the proportion of bookings with cover charges.   

BookingTek has operations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany.


October 2016

TablesRes, the direct restaurant reservation and floor management system for hotels, was launched.

Sept 2015

Multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality added to Meetings Maker Lite products.

June 2015
A range of low cost versions of Meetings Maker are added to the product lineup aimed at individual hotels and smaller hotel groups.

January 2015

The company changes its name to BookingTek which more accurately reflects the nature of the business.

September 2014

We launch CompareMeetings.com, a multi-brand, third party website that delivers OTA style bookings to hotels that use Meetings Maker at zero commission.

March 2014

We complete a unique integration with Oracle MICROS Opera via OWS-SC, an interface MICROS reintroduces when they see how valuable Meetings Maker will be to their hotel clients.

May 2013

We raise an additional £1 million of funding, from existing investors, to develop software to automate meeting booking and payment on hotel websites.

March 2013

On-request meeting rooms are added to the site and we identify what looks like a huge gap in the market – no hotel or online travel agent (OTA) has real-time, meeting booking on their website.

January 2012

The response from venues is overwhelming and the site rapidly grows to 500 venues in 10 countries.

August 2011
The fledgling business launches the world’s first website enabling online booking and payment of day offices.

Feb 2011

Matthew Stubbs launches the bootstrapped business from his garage in South West London